Publications and Resources for the Center to Inform Personnel Preparation Policy and Practice in Early Intervention and Preschool Education

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Personnel Preparation Center Overview
Study I: The National Landscape of Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education
Study II: The Higher Education Survey for Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education Personnel Preparation
2+3 Evaluation
Study III: The Analysis of Federally Funded Doctoral Programs in Early Childhood Special Education
Study IV: The Impact of Credentials on Early Intervention Personnel Preparation (Credentialing Part C)
Study V: Analysis of State Licensure/Certification Requirements for Early Childhood Special Educators
Study VI: Training and Technical Assistance Survey of Part C and 619 Coordinators
Study VII: Confidence and Competence of 619/Part C Service Providers
Study VIII: Alignment of ECSE Higher Education Curricula with National Personnel Standards
Study IX: Parent Perceptions of Confidence and Competence of Practitioners Working with Children with Disabilities
Study X: Case Studies
Policy Recommendations Think Tanks