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Dr. George Sugai, Center for Behavioral Education & Research
University of Connecticut
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Expert Videos

Adamczyk, Cathy
Emergency Preparedness for People w/Autism

Beckett, Julie
History of the Katie Beckett Medicaid Waiver

Bergman, Allan
Citizens Influencing Public Policy

Carter, Erick
People with Disabilities & Faith Communities

Conn-Powers, Michael
Including Children with Disabilities

Cournoyer, Andrew
Experiences with a Disability

Deckers, Peter
Leadership in Large Organizations

Farrell, Anne
Diagnosis & Assessment

Gamel-McCormick, Michael
Early Childhood Policies

Karan, Orv
Transition: School to Adult Life

Kerins, Gerald
Caregiving for Adults with Disabilities

Kiernan, William
Employment for People with Disabilities

Kuhaneck, Heather Miller
Occupational Therapy

LaRocco, Diana
Leadership in Early Intervention

Lubogo, Nanfi
Tropical Storm Irene & Storm Alfred

McWilliam, Robin
Home Visiting Practices for Infants & Toddlers

Milanese, Ann
Acquired Brain Injuries in Children

Powell, Thomas
Needs of Siblings with Disabilities

Strain, Phil
Inclusion for Young Children with Autism

Sugai, George
Best Practices for Behavioral Support

Turnbull, Ann
Person-Centered Planning

Wolery, Mark
Instruction for Children with Disabilities